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DJ Magic Matt Kelly

UPDATE 2 Nov 2000: MY WEB SITE IS MOVING! It appears that Charlie Manson will be paroled before Tripod ever manages to get around to correctly supporting streaming RealAudio again, so watch this space for details. (When I have my RealAudio files on Tripod, they stream for 9 minutes and then quit... consistently, each and every time, from every computer and anytime of the day... that's not RealAudio support, Tripod!) I fully expect to have a new site up and running within the next few days. I'll leave the playlists up, but the links to the RealAudio files no longer work. Keep your eyes here for a new domain name, woo hoo! If you have any questions, E-mail me at Thanks for visiting and your support! -mmk

Play the mix Play the October 21, 2000 mix!!! (Time 40:16) View the Playlist

Play the mix Play the August 19, 2000 mix!!! (Time 30:48) View the Playlist

Play the mix Play the July 1, 2000 mix!!! (Time 30:12) View the Playlist

Play the mix Play the May 13, 2000 mix!!! (Time 30:53) View the Playlist

Download free RealPlayer 8 Basic
NOTE: You need RealPlayer (it's free!) to hear the mix... which sounds best at FULL volume!!!

Like what you hear? You can mail-order songs in the mixes (pending availability) from:

Comments, suggestions, questions are always welcome!
©2000 mail Magic Matt Kelly

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