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DJ Magic Matt Kelly

has moved to!!!
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Because of persistent issues surrounding streaming audio from Tripod's homepage servers (the issues being of strictly a technical nature), this site has been forced to move to another server. This is actually a move that has been in the works for quite some time and was one that made sense from a promotional standpoint... it was simply forced to occur sooner than was planned.

Basically, I discourage you from using Tripod for any sort of streaming media stuff! For a personal homepage or web site with lots of graphics and stuff, Tripod is fine and I readily recommend it, especially with the huge amount of file space they offer (all those neat-o free scripts if you need them also). But because Tripod doesn't support streaming Windows Media (.asf or .asx files) and can't seem to stream a RealMedia file for more than 9 minutes without inexplicably losing a connection, I won't recommend them for that. You would be better served by Geocities or NBCi for something of that nature.

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