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October 14th, 2000

Toronto Skyline

Updated Wednesday, October 10, 2000

Ahhhhhhh Toronto...... land of the Maple Leafs, Canadian Nat'l Exhibition, the CN Tower, and Yonge Street. This idea and the plans for it more or less sprouted out of another cancelled chat bash planned for the same date and place, so details are still being finalized at this point. Here is what has been planned so far:

This is going to be a one-night event, Saturday, October 14th. The hotel being recommended for the out-of-town guests is Comfort Inn Northeast in Markham, Ontario (Woodbine Ave. location)... located closely by the intersection of expressways 404 and 407 (ETR tollway) NE of Toronto. Room rate for a single bed/single occupant is about $89 Canadian. If you haven't done so, you will want to reserve a room QUICKLY because hotels are booking up extremely fast, due to a convention in Toronto that weekend.

ATTENTION! Dinner plans for Saturday evening have been set for 6:30p.m. at Marché Movenpick located inside BCE Place in downtown Toronto (corner of Bay and Wellington Streets). We will be meeting at the entrance next to the Hockey Hall of Fame at 6:30. There is a small group meeting before dinner at Reclinerboy63's about 5pm for an introductory gathering, contact him at for more information if you are interested.

Following dinner afterwards, chances are good that the group will then head to a nightclub... most likely the choice will be club near Marché called The Docks that is really cool, a sort of multi-faceted entertainment venue... there are links to more clubs down at the bottom of the page. Afterwards, it's likely people will retreat to their rooms.

This is the last update!!! If you have any questions, ask one of the people attending below... most everyone should have the necessary contact phone numbers and info by now if they are planning to go. These are the people who have committed to attending so far:

More names will be added as people commit to the bash. If you need any info, feel free to ask one of us in the chat room, most of us are usually in there during the day and evening hours. :) Check back for further updates and news!

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