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Rippin Wax!The STREETMIX Mailing List

This list is primarily for beatmixing DJ's that spin Chicago-based dance music and house music, as a forum for exchanging the latest info, tips, and news related to the constantly changing world of dance music and clubs. Non-DJ's that are fans of the Chicago club music scene are welcome to join, just be reminded to keep messages on topic. If you wish to subscribe, please let the list know who referred you, as subscriptions are heavily screened to keep potential spammers and non-relevant messages off of the list. This page will primarily serve as the homepage for the mailing list. Coming soon we'll tell you some need things you can do with the mailing list, and things of that nature. Keep in mind, this is a TOPIC related mailing list! E-mails are restricted to 512K in size by the list server, so don't use this to send .exe's or attachments... use your personal e-mail for that. Jokes and pics (of small file size) are ok as long as they are RELEVANT to the list. We don't care about pics of your dog, your car, your honor roll students... unless they're doing something on a pair of turntables.

Ideas, comments, suggestions? E-mail them to the list at or if it's personal or urgent, you can e-mail the moderator at

Matt is the list moderator.

Message postings should be e-mailed to

If you wish to make changes to your subscription, membership profile, read the message archive, or post a message from a computer that cannot access your e-mail, this is done by logging in using your membername and password at

If you have friends you'd like to refer to this list, send them to the Streetmix list subscription page at There are also links to help info and FAQ's. The moderator will have to approve their request to be on the list. Please let the list or moderator know that you are referring someone and that they are going to subscribe, this is a heavily screened list and it will increase their chances of being approved. This is not a democracy, although we promise to try to be fair... we just want to keep riff-raff and spam on the list to a minimum.

Welcome to the Streetmix mailing list!!!

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